Introducing the New Pizza King trade marked brand.

This brand have now been established to further strengthen our now rapidly expanding
Italian product range presented from Limoncello Group Thailand. Firming Limoncello as your first stop for Fresh and Delicious Italian food.
Serving only great tasting & authentic Italian products that make you feel happy and healthy.

we can share the keys to our success using this special wheat , the finely selected mix of the flour is a custom direct imported product from Italy.
The careful temperature controlled 48 hr curing time used to produce the pizza base , allows the best flavor and taste in the traditional way.
A fresh Light and Healthy product, which is easy to digest leaving you feeling satisfied and happy at every meal.
Wheat which is sourced from Italy’s famous growing heartlands directly is a Chef and artisans dream allowing us to have a happy team.
This Unique Wheat is known to give you strength and stamina while dining with us making life fun again and the next day even better.
The same wheat is used to produce our distinctive Italian organic pizza bases and classic Italian breads & pasta’s.
There is No Substitute for the Italian Traditional methods to produce Limoncello’s delicious Pizza King’s, pizza range and Past King’s, pasta range.

The Pizza served at Limoncello Thonglor Soi 9 is “Hand Crafted to perfection” and enjoyed best with friend and VIP’s

Limoncello’s Italian award winning recipe is made to give Pizza King our newest company offering to you , a strong position in line with the Limoncello group and new trade marks
to lead as the best Pizzeria.

The Chefs at Limoncello group are very busy creating the finest Italian products daily for your to enjoy with friends.
And we are pleased to announce that we are not only producing the best range of natural organic pizza bases ,
but also have started to distribute our products to others this includes Pasta Bread and Croissant produced from the best flour to classic Italian recipes.

Our Pizza is highly digestible and many people now are coming to visits us not because are thinking to go to eat Pizza at one Pizzeria but they need to digest well and not be fat.
Our Pizza is also vegetarian , we have many kind of Pizza Kamut, Pizza 5 different cereals , Pizza organic. Pizza black with vegetable carbon,Pizza with Rise , Pizza with Soia, Pizza with Mais, Pizza olds stile .

Come to try our Pizzeria and Italian restaurant Limoncello at Thonglor soi 9 Bangkok.

Pizza an’t Pizza…

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