Pizza from a conveyor belt


The setting

Yep, you read that right. Someone did something quite mind-blowing by bringing together the sushi conveyor belt and pizza. It’s perhaps a world’s first too. Pizza King, which shares the same address with Limoncello in Thong Lor Soi 9, serves up pizza toppings on the conveyor belt to let you choose what you want to have on your very own Italian-style pizza. Whether you want to describe this unique restaurant as “kaiten-pizza”, “rotation pizza” or a “pizza-go-round”, the good news is that the main ingredient isn’t a pure gimmick.

Pizza King offers a cosy wood-and-brick interior and obviously is geared towards those looking for a fun and casual dining experience. Dining booths for those who come in groups are lined along the body of the T-shaped conveyor belt while individual chairs are lined above the head of the T. Wherever you sit, there are USB slots for recharging your gadgets, in case you want to document every minute of this CIY (choose-it-yourself) pizza experience on FB or IG. And maybe you should.


The Menu

The protocol for Pizza King’s “Pizza Up to You” option is pretty easy. First, pick five plates of different toppings you would like to put on your pizza. Then slather some tomato sauce onto the dough disc. Follow with adding cheese and other toppings you’ve chosen. A chef will put it into a mini oven for a few minutes before you can eat it hot and fresh. Of course, you shouldn’t put cured meats in the oven but lay them over the pizza right after it comes out. The cost is reasonable at B149 with an additional B40 per basic topping after the fifth one. There are no hard rules about creating your own pizza here. You can create a pizza san cheese or sauce if you wish, but remember a good pizza is about having a good balance of different ingredients.

I was quite proud of my first CIY pizza, dubbed “Guru recipeTM” (B189), which had prosciutto, two types of cheeses, sliced olives, bacon and tomato sauce. The pizza is thin, firm in the middle and crusty on the edge. The blend of mozzarella and blue cheese proves to be a midpoint between palatable and pungent. The Parma ham is feathery sliced thin but packed with flavour. I was well-chuffed with my own selection.

The second attempt was a miscalculation on my part. I got carried away with charcuterie and chose four cured meats with mozzarella for my my pizza topping. “Meaty meh” (B149) isn’t as dry as you may think but comes across too salty even with the mild-tasting cheese as a cushion. The bacon and salami turn deliciously crispy, though. I reckon if I had put some tomato sauce on, it may have worked.

If you don’t trust your ability in making pizza, there’s a usual menu for safer bets. Pizza king (B249) just bursts with so many different aromas and flavours. This namesake dish features delicious ragù sauce with juicy Aussie lamb. Black truffle cream lends a touch of decadence while artichoke balances those strong flavours with its slight bitterness.

Pizza queen (B249) is another one I’d like to recommend as there are many things to like about it. The juicy smoked salmon goes great with creamy avocado while the truffle sauce gives off a savoury smell. If you want something that isn’t heavy, consider Ugolini pizza (B249) as it features tender and refreshing tomato fillets and gooey burrata.


Pizza king (top) and Pizza Queen (bottom)

Insider’s Tip

Pizza King is the latest addition to Watermark Group which runs several successful restaurants in Thailand. Currently there are three branches of Pizza King in Thong Lor Soi 9, Soi Convent and Sukhumvit Soi 49, with Thong Lor being the only one with the conveyor belt. You can order your very own pizza at the other two branches over the counter like you do in Subway. Two more branches in Ram Inthra and Soi Sala Daeng are coming soon. The list of toppings is long and they will be adding more precious ingredients such as wagyu and foie gras later on.

Value & Verdict

The fact that you can create your own eight-inch pizza for B149 is quite a deal. The Thong Lor location is a fun and casual dining out destination. Parking spaces are available on Limoncello’s premises.